Outstanding Stables


Patrik Kittel

is the "Boss" in the stable and has the responsibility of training the horses, maintaining contacts with clients as well as looking after the sales aspect of the business. Apart from this, Patrick must present the horses, as best as possible at competitions, and keep everything running smoothly. His motto: "What you cannot do with a smile, you cannot achieve with tears. "Always be cheerful!"

Malin Wahlkamp Nilsson

is a rider at Outstanding Stables successful up to to Grand Prix level. She has good feeling, strong desire and the ability to help her reach the top. Malin is an invaluable member of our team both on and off the horse, but it is on the horse where Malin can reach high places!


is our savior in so many ways, the go to man for EVERYTHING, and is a valued and important member of our team.


is in charge of the daily care and tacking up of our horses. All times reliable and good hearted. With her we know our sports partners are in good hands

Lyndal Oatley

she is not only a successful rider herself, but is also an important team member, making sure everyone is happy at Outstanding Stables. Patrik’s wife has a big heart for all around her... both 2 and 4 legged... and we would all be lost without her at the stables.


supports us with the daily tasks on the plant, whether in the stable or in the garden, you can count on him


joins our team as rider and is a great addition to the team. He is a perceptive rider who supports us in the individual development of our dressage horses.


is the show groom of Patrik and always takes the best care of our horses, no matter where in the world we are!


accompanies Malin to shows and supports our team passionately in the daily work with the horses and looks after them so that they can perform at their best.